Thursday, November 19, 2009

when the clock strikes midnight...

no our carriage won't turn into a pumpkin...BUT we are definatly going to turn into NEW MOON FANATICS!!! Well thats probably already taken place...but we are so excited for the premier of New Moon...I mean I can't even tell you how long we have been waiting for this!!! I just can't!!! Yup we are nerds...but hey we are in good company since BASICALLY all the people we know and love are right there with us! We've even declared the store as a twilight safe zone...meaning you can talk all you want about it with us...we don't mind!!!

Well...we will be sure to let you know ALL about our New Moon night!!! Now on to the gift idea of the day!!!

Journals and Planners by Double Booked!!!
These are so cool and are made out of your favorite old hard back books!!!

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