Saturday, December 26, 2009

turn out the lights...

the party's over...they say all things, come to an end.

Dreaming Tree Studio grew into a reality when two sisters had a dream. A dream to bring the love of handmade to our hometown...A dream to help other creative people like ourselves get their things seen and sold! We loved the idea...I mean who wouldn't!

Our dream came a reality on Nov. 5th 2009 when we opened for business and recieved such a warm welcome from the community. We are SO thankful for the support we have recieved from our customers, fans and fellow downtown business owners. Over the span of 2 months we have gained well over 450 fans on facebook, developed a strong following on our blog and met tons of new people and friends through our brick and mortor shop. It has been AMAZING...

The holiday shopping season was was SO amazing to see so many people choose handmade for their gift giving...made our hearts feel a little bigger...a little warmer. It was so nice to be able to play a role in so many people's Christmas that way!

Personaly, (meaning me, Desiree!) my goal since I had my baby boy was to find a way to help other mothers like myself fill that creative space they had in their heart...that space that yearned for an outlet...a way to do something just for them that they enjoyed. You know exactly what I mean! I wanted to encourage people to dream reach for the follow their dreams. I hope that I have achieved that goal through this...

With all this being said it is with a gigantic ball of every emotion that we say "farewell" to our dear friends. The ride has been sweet...but after re-evaluating our priorities and what we can really take on in addition to our full time mommy jobs we have decided to close the doors to our beloved Dreaming Tree Studio. After speaking with our dear friend Sarabeth, she reminded me that we go through seasons in our lives. This was not the season for Dreaming Tree Studio to flourish to its full potential...but we will NEVER stop dreaming big...we promise. And who knows...maybe one day...when the season is right...the Dreaming Tree Studio will bloom again...

We love you all...and we LOVE HANDMADE!!! Keep the revolution strong...take the handmade pledge...and as ALWAYS SHOP LOCAL!!!


Desiree & DeAndra

P.S. keep an eye out for our dear friends at Dreaming Tree Studio who are dreaming big with their crafts!!! The future is bright for all of them!!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stocking stuffers!!!

I only get to stuff socks once a year right? ;O) So why not stuff them with AWESOME handmade stuff like this...

Backpack Buddies $6.50

Vegan Soaps by Maylee's Garden $6-7

Hair pins by Pandacub

Personalized Bracelets by Black Dog Designs

Coffee Cozy

Pocket Mirrors $5

painted scrabble tile pendants by Garden Girl Creations $7

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the crunch is on...

can you believe it...only 9 shopping days left until Christmas!!! Holy crazy!!! Its easy to get caught up in the shopping frenzy this time of year...I know!!! I just wanted to take a minute and give your heart a little hot cocoa!!!

Hot cocoa always does the trick ya cures lots of things!!! Brings back lots of memories chilly football games, parades, Christmas, and just cuddling up to the ones you love!!!

Whats your favorite hot cocoa story?

Monday, December 7, 2009

Hi friends!

Its really dreary here today...not sure we will see the sun at all :O( Here's a little sunshine to cheer us all up

It's a fact...we've survived the first month!!! Pretty gracefully too I shall say! Thanks to all out FAB fans, customers, friends, and family!!! I know Thanksgiving has come and gone but its time to tell who we are THANKFUL for here at Dreaming Tree Studio!!!

Frist off our loving husbands and kids who have supported us through this AWESOME venture! WE LOVE YOU...

Our parents for helping out A LOT!!! Like doing stuff like this...

All our awesome artists and crafters, customers, and fans!!! WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!

We are over 450 fans on facebook alone!!! Thank you all sooooooo much!!!

So whats coming up??? Good question! We are getting geared up for our FIRST CRAFTY CLASS in January!!! Our very own Sarabee will be teaching Knitting 101 to two groups of eager crafter!!! YAY!!! We still have a few spots open in our afternoon class...and I do mean FEW (as in 2) so if you are interested PLEASE sign up TODAY!!! The cut off will be this weekend so don't miss out on all the awesomeness that awaits you!!!

We love Sarabee and we know you will too!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

No pictures please...

anytime now the handmade paparazzi will be showing up at our door...I just know it! With all these handmade celebs coming and going through the doors of Dreaming Tree Studio!!!

Like our ultra cool co-owner, crafter, jewelry stampin queen, DeAndra!!! She totally ROCKED the front page of etsy and didn't even know it...thats how cool she is! But thanks to our FAB sarabee for letting us in on this AWESOME flickr page that keeps track of etsy's front pages we found out that Pink Checkers Designs was featured!!! Yup her awesome golfball marker made it!!! We knew it was acting a little cocky after that day but just thought it was having a bad day...come to find out...IT WAS FAMOUS!!! And we didn't even know...not sure how we missed out on that though since I am an NUT and am on my whole LIFE!!! We are SUPER pumped that we found out though!!! Thats huge for an artists ya know...H.U.G.E....but like I always say...Thats what you get for Dreaming Big!!! Right D!!! So inspired!!! Ok so check out the page!!!

Thats it right there in the second row at the end!!! YAY!!!

Here are som more pics of her AWESOME hand stamped silver jewelry...go ahead...start making your wishlist!!!

plus L-O-T-S more...and don't forget EVERYTHING is custome so just ask yourself...What do I have to say!!! Place orders online through or locally at Dreaming Tree Studio 72 South Main St. Winchestser, Ky!

See you soon ;O)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's simply sublime darling...

Oh yes it is! What you ask...well the fact that Dreaming Tree Studio is now your place for all things Sublime Stitching!!! maybe you haven't heard of sublime stitching...and mmmmaybe you have been hiding under a rock! haha j/k j/k All jokes aside...let me introduce to you...your new obession...

Sublime stitching started in Austin, TX in 2001 by a crafty diva named Jenny Hart. (who is currently traveling ALL OVER with her awesome book tour!!! you go girl) So why did she start this biz??? Well grandma cover your em covered...ok...Because she was tired of the "old" embroidery patterns and desperatly wanted to update the world of stitching!!! And oh boy did she do that!!!  Now 8 years later her idea has turned into an AWESOME indie craft business that gals like us drool over!!! But what a story huh...well thats what Jenny gets for Dreaming Big!!!

Check out some of the things we have in the store...

Plus LOTS and I mean L.O.T.S. more!!!

Hurry down and get your patterns and kits!!! Im so excited to get started!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

extra extra...

read all about Dreaming Tree Studio in the Winchester Sun!!! We were SO excited when Rachel Parsons from The Sun contacted us about doing a feature on handmade holiday decoration and crafts! Of course we JUMPED at the opportunity to share handmade ideas with our awesome town! DeAndra and I started brainstorming pronto! We wanted to show off a cute and new way to decorate for the holidays! Rachel wanted innexpensive and easy craft idea's to share with her readers so we decided quickly on...are you ready???

Yarn and ...


It doesn't get much easier than that!!! So we busted a move and got together this super cute yarn wreath in the theme of our super cool store of course...and this very cute felt ornament!!! These are SUPER cute and SUPER easy ideas for holiday decor!!!

We were tickled to death with the article! A big THANK YOU to Susan Parsons from The Sun and James Mann for the awesome pics!!!