Monday, December 7, 2009

Hi friends!

Its really dreary here today...not sure we will see the sun at all :O( Here's a little sunshine to cheer us all up

It's a fact...we've survived the first month!!! Pretty gracefully too I shall say! Thanks to all out FAB fans, customers, friends, and family!!! I know Thanksgiving has come and gone but its time to tell who we are THANKFUL for here at Dreaming Tree Studio!!!

Frist off our loving husbands and kids who have supported us through this AWESOME venture! WE LOVE YOU...

Our parents for helping out A LOT!!! Like doing stuff like this...

All our awesome artists and crafters, customers, and fans!!! WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!

We are over 450 fans on facebook alone!!! Thank you all sooooooo much!!!

So whats coming up??? Good question! We are getting geared up for our FIRST CRAFTY CLASS in January!!! Our very own Sarabee will be teaching Knitting 101 to two groups of eager crafter!!! YAY!!! We still have a few spots open in our afternoon class...and I do mean FEW (as in 2) so if you are interested PLEASE sign up TODAY!!! The cut off will be this weekend so don't miss out on all the awesomeness that awaits you!!!

We love Sarabee and we know you will too!!!

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