Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's simply sublime darling...

Oh yes it is! What you ask...well the fact that Dreaming Tree Studio is now your place for all things Sublime Stitching!!! maybe you haven't heard of sublime stitching...and mmmmaybe you have been hiding under a rock! haha j/k j/k All jokes aside...let me introduce to you...your new obession...

Sublime stitching started in Austin, TX in 2001 by a crafty diva named Jenny Hart. (who is currently traveling ALL OVER with her awesome book tour!!! you go girl) So why did she start this biz??? Well grandma cover your em covered...ok...Because she was tired of the "old" embroidery patterns and desperatly wanted to update the world of stitching!!! And oh boy did she do that!!!  Now 8 years later her idea has turned into an AWESOME indie craft business that gals like us drool over!!! But what a story huh...well thats what Jenny gets for Dreaming Big!!!

Check out some of the things we have in the store...

Plus LOTS and I mean L.O.T.S. more!!!

Hurry down and get your patterns and kits!!! Im so excited to get started!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

extra extra...

read all about Dreaming Tree Studio in the Winchester Sun!!! We were SO excited when Rachel Parsons from The Sun contacted us about doing a feature on handmade holiday decoration and crafts! Of course we JUMPED at the opportunity to share handmade ideas with our awesome town! DeAndra and I started brainstorming pronto! We wanted to show off a cute and new way to decorate for the holidays! Rachel wanted innexpensive and easy craft idea's to share with her readers so we decided quickly on...are you ready???

Yarn and ...


It doesn't get much easier than that!!! So we busted a move and got together this super cute yarn wreath in the theme of our super cool store of course...and this very cute felt ornament!!! These are SUPER cute and SUPER easy ideas for holiday decor!!!

We were tickled to death with the article! A big THANK YOU to Susan Parsons from The Sun and James Mann for the awesome pics!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

you go girl!!!

We want to say a special CONGRATS to our very own Lauren from Olive Tree Textiles for being featured on the front page of ETSY!!! Thats a huge deal and we are SOOOO proud of her!!! Check out some of her awesome handmade creations at Dreaming Tree Studio!!!

We have tons of these cute Charlie Bags!!! Lots of fun prints and fabric to choose from!!! What a great gift idea for the holiday season!!! Come check us out...

Monday, November 23, 2009

I'll be back in a jiff...I gotta run to the supermarket...

The Crafty Supermarket that is!!! My and crafty diva, DeAndra got to go to this AWESOME Indie Craft show in Cincy this Saturday while I manned the store...or shall I say womaned the store!!! I was super jealious when she called and was like..."OMG YOU ARE MISSING IT!!!" But hey, she brought back cool picks...made lots of contacts and got the very cool Crafty Superstar book by Grace Dobush! It's an awesome DIY guide to all things crafts biz related!!! A must read for the crafter who is ready to turn that hobby into a business! We HIGHLY recomend it! Here are a few pics from the show...

DeAndra = LUCKY

cool people...

more cool people...

more cool people...

SO AWESOME!! Hopefully next year I will get to go!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sarabee is FAMOUS...

no kidding!!! She really is...along with her handpainted drop spindle "Seymour Snail"! Why you ask...well because they were featured in the Dec/Jan edition of BUST magazine!!! Yup...totally serious! It's a pretty big deal and just goes to show that Sarabee rocks! (like we didn't already know that before!)

Check out some of the pics from the article on the art of spinning!!!

How cool is that!!! Um...very cool!!!

On to other EXCITING Sarabee news...she has dyed us up an EXCLUSIVE yarn just for our store!!! It's called Dreaming Tree Blossom

Come in and get yours today...only at Dreaming Tree Studio!!!
Don't forget to sign up for knitting 101 with Sarabee!!!

Now on to our cool gift idea of the day!!!

Queen Bee painting by Emily from Phit2bTyed!!!

For the Queeny in your life!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

when the clock strikes midnight...

no our carriage won't turn into a pumpkin...BUT we are definatly going to turn into NEW MOON FANATICS!!! Well thats probably already taken place...but we are so excited for the premier of New Moon...I mean I can't even tell you how long we have been waiting for this!!! I just can't!!! Yup we are nerds...but hey we are in good company since BASICALLY all the people we know and love are right there with us! We've even declared the store as a twilight safe zone...meaning you can talk all you want about it with us...we don't mind!!!

Well...we will be sure to let you know ALL about our New Moon night!!! Now on to the gift idea of the day!!!

Journals and Planners by Double Booked!!!
These are so cool and are made out of your favorite old hard back books!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

She thinks she's all that...

now that she was on TV and all! I'm talking about our FAB frosty of course! We were TOTALLY on LEX 18 this morning with Lee Cruse! It was so much fun! I've been anticipating it for a few days now...set my alarm on my phone for 4:45 to go off and yell Yabba Dabba Doo at me.. kept waking up and looking at the clock and EVEN dreamed I was what happened??? Um I was LATE! Yup all the worry and preperation didn't 5:30 a.m. my husband rolled over and said..."You didn't get up!" OH SNAP!!! After throwing on some clothes and smearing a lil makeup on I was out the door!!! My sister was right on time, thank goodness to represent!!! HOLLA!!!

So what is this frosty thing all about??? Good Question...well Dreaming Tree Studio along with 26 other downtown businesses got these cool little snowmen to decorate from the Vocation School in Winchester!!! They will be auctioned off on Dec. 5th right before the Christmas Parade at 5 p.m.!!! Proceeds benefiting Operation Happiness!!! Its a great cause!!! So if you want this crafty diva at your house for the holidays...just swing on by the Clark Co. Court House and place your bid!!!

We weren't the only ones that showed up either! Here are a few pics of some other businesses that woke up early to make it on the news...

         Attach of the ROBOTS!!! Captain Cosmos Collectible's Frosty the SNOWBOT!!!

Graham's LR Hopkins (Cally Frosty) and Blugrass Budokai's Frosty

Now on to the featured gift idea of the day...

T's from Rainbow Swirlz

Come by and get your's today!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

look what I found!!!

It's no lie...I spend A LOT of time on the internet...and I do mean A LOT!!! I can sit down to check our email, etsy, facebook, and blog and turn that into an hour of catching up on blogs, whats selling on etsy, and other AWESOMENESS! I love the internet...infact I don't know how we would be this far in our business without it. We have made SO many connections with SO many awesome people thats it's insane! Before we even opened our doors at Dreaming Tree Studio we had over 300 fans!!! How crazy is that...and they all heard about us FOR FREE...yup thats right...we didn't have to pay a pretty penny (that we didn't have) to get those fans! Isn't that awesome. With today's resources online it is so easy and heck, even fun to promote your business! Sure it takes time...which most of us don't have much of BUT the payoff is huge! So if you are out there and trying to drum up some fans...spend some time putting yourself out there on the web! Open an etsy store, BLOG, start a facebook fan page, twitter, and do it often!!!

Now...since I do spend SO much time online and we love our are some FREE things for you!!! Enjoy!!!

Free Printable Gift Tags from Arian Armstrong

Free Eddie Earthworm Pattern from Bit of Whimsy Dolls

Free Patterns from Amy Butler

Hopefully you will find one of these a bit usefull!!!

Now on the the gift idea of the day!!!

We were beyond thrilled when this crafting diva let her talent be known last week! Melissa from Black Dog Designs joined our crafty fam with her super awesome Scrabble Tile Bracelts!!! As I said...I spend A LOT of time online keeping up with whats new and hot...and I have never seen these...and they are HOT!!! Check her out at Dreaming Tree Studio and place your custom order today! Do it soon 'cause this crafting diva is already getting swamped with orders!!! We love her...and we know you will too...

Friday, November 13, 2009

So do YOU make all this stuff?

We always get different reactions when we tell our visitors that everything in our store is handmade...but the one heard most often is that! And of course we answer with a quick no no no! I WISH we could make all this awesome stuff but its not ever gonna happen. Far too much time, hard work, and coolness has gone into each item in our shop...and even if we crafted non stop for a year we probably couldn't do it! Thats what is soooo stinkin sweet about our shop! We represent over 50 artist, crafters, and cool people!!  Check out our artist section on our website to see most of them!!! Its so much fun meeting all our crafters...I love hearing there stories and how they got inspiring! Makes you just want to dream big! I found this video clip on the internet for a documentary coming out called Handmade it here!

So many creative people out there changing the world! So exciting!!!

On to the gift idea of the day...

Pumpkin Scented Vegan Soap by Maylee's Garden!!!
Smells Oh So yummy!!!

Limited supply!!! Come get yours and check out the other great soaps from Maylee's Garden including Hippie Mama, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Night Blooming Jasmine, Mediteranian Fig, Lilac, and Marakeesh

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Frosties have arrived...

in Downtown Winchester, Ky!!! Its so much fun strolling downtown and checking out everyone's little snowmen!!! Every year downtown businesses decorate a wooden statue however they wish and then the statues are auctioned off after the Christmas Parade with a portion of proceeds going to charity!!! It's a great idea and so fun!!!

Our snowmen were due to be out and about for display during the Holiday Open House last weekend and some how, despite all the chaos of planning for our grand opening we found time to paint ours!!! I found myself sitting at my parent's house the day before they were to be revealed digging for inspiration...I had scetched out a snowman disquised as a reindeer, a snowman elf, and a craft snowman! Had to scratch the reindeer idea...too much extra parts were needed, same thing for the elf...just couldn't pull it off in such a short time. So we settled on the craft snowman!!! Perfect choice though...right!

After digging through my mother's paint collection, gathering her paintbrushes and drawing the design out in my head I dove right in!!! (Thank goodness for my mother's craft stash that is always available to these crafty sisters!!! Love ya mom!!!) 

Check out the end result!!!

She's super crafty!!! I bet she is gonna sign up for knitting 101!!!
So on to the gift idea of the day...

Paper star mobiles!!! These are absolutly beautiful!!! You gotta see them to believe them!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ah sweet Rod Stewart...

is a normal reaction as people walk through the doors of Dreaming Tree Studio lately!!! Makes me giggle a little...ok a lot!!! So funny how people have such strong memories of musicians and what they mean to them!!! I mean... I know the way it makes me feel every time I hear Blame it on the Rain by Millie Vanilli...Bahahaha...yup takes me back to the days my sister totally rocked out to them! I looked up to her so much I borrowed the cassete tape to play in my little bright red My First Sony!!! Oh yes I did...don't doubt it!!!! Hahaha oh geez...well lets move on the the gift idea of the day...

Awesome recycled items from Retired Records

Soap Dish!


Cuff Bracelets!

Cookbook Easels!

and much much more!!!

Oh...and we still have the record bowl made out of that Rod Stewart Record!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

We need to say...

to all our awesome fans and customers who came out for our first Holiday Open House!!! We had a blast and loved every minute of it!!! Our customers and fans ROCK... thats for sure!!! We are already thinking of next year's open house and planning how we are gonna blow everyone away...can we say "HANDMADE HOLIDAY!!!"

Now on to some FAB gift ideas available at Dreaming Tree Studio!!!

Awesome tops by East Meet West! A local clothing designer out of Lexington, Ky!!! These SUPER soft and stretchy shirts are made from all organic bamboo and cotton! Great for layering, yoga, or just kickin it!

Kids ARE super heros ya know...they really are! I bet you were too when you were probably just forgot now that you are all grown up!!! So why not get your little super hero their very own BLANKIE CAPE by Frank & Me!!! Super soft...and super cool...perfect for any super hero!!!