Friday, November 13, 2009

So do YOU make all this stuff?

We always get different reactions when we tell our visitors that everything in our store is handmade...but the one heard most often is that! And of course we answer with a quick no no no! I WISH we could make all this awesome stuff but its not ever gonna happen. Far too much time, hard work, and coolness has gone into each item in our shop...and even if we crafted non stop for a year we probably couldn't do it! Thats what is soooo stinkin sweet about our shop! We represent over 50 artist, crafters, and cool people!!  Check out our artist section on our website to see most of them!!! Its so much fun meeting all our crafters...I love hearing there stories and how they got inspiring! Makes you just want to dream big! I found this video clip on the internet for a documentary coming out called Handmade it here!

So many creative people out there changing the world! So exciting!!!

On to the gift idea of the day...

Pumpkin Scented Vegan Soap by Maylee's Garden!!!
Smells Oh So yummy!!!

Limited supply!!! Come get yours and check out the other great soaps from Maylee's Garden including Hippie Mama, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Night Blooming Jasmine, Mediteranian Fig, Lilac, and Marakeesh

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  1. Thanks so much for making me gift idea of the day WOO HOO!