Sunday, November 15, 2009

look what I found!!!

It's no lie...I spend A LOT of time on the internet...and I do mean A LOT!!! I can sit down to check our email, etsy, facebook, and blog and turn that into an hour of catching up on blogs, whats selling on etsy, and other AWESOMENESS! I love the internet...infact I don't know how we would be this far in our business without it. We have made SO many connections with SO many awesome people thats it's insane! Before we even opened our doors at Dreaming Tree Studio we had over 300 fans!!! How crazy is that...and they all heard about us FOR FREE...yup thats right...we didn't have to pay a pretty penny (that we didn't have) to get those fans! Isn't that awesome. With today's resources online it is so easy and heck, even fun to promote your business! Sure it takes time...which most of us don't have much of BUT the payoff is huge! So if you are out there and trying to drum up some fans...spend some time putting yourself out there on the web! Open an etsy store, BLOG, start a facebook fan page, twitter, and do it often!!!

Now...since I do spend SO much time online and we love our are some FREE things for you!!! Enjoy!!!

Free Printable Gift Tags from Arian Armstrong

Free Eddie Earthworm Pattern from Bit of Whimsy Dolls

Free Patterns from Amy Butler

Hopefully you will find one of these a bit usefull!!!

Now on the the gift idea of the day!!!

We were beyond thrilled when this crafting diva let her talent be known last week! Melissa from Black Dog Designs joined our crafty fam with her super awesome Scrabble Tile Bracelts!!! As I said...I spend A LOT of time online keeping up with whats new and hot...and I have never seen these...and they are HOT!!! Check her out at Dreaming Tree Studio and place your custom order today! Do it soon 'cause this crafting diva is already getting swamped with orders!!! We love her...and we know you will too...

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