Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Frosties have arrived...

in Downtown Winchester, Ky!!! Its so much fun strolling downtown and checking out everyone's little snowmen!!! Every year downtown businesses decorate a wooden statue however they wish and then the statues are auctioned off after the Christmas Parade with a portion of proceeds going to charity!!! It's a great idea and so fun!!!

Our snowmen were due to be out and about for display during the Holiday Open House last weekend and some how, despite all the chaos of planning for our grand opening we found time to paint ours!!! I found myself sitting at my parent's house the day before they were to be revealed digging for inspiration...I had scetched out a snowman disquised as a reindeer, a snowman elf, and a craft snowman! Had to scratch the reindeer idea...too much extra parts were needed, same thing for the elf...just couldn't pull it off in such a short time. So we settled on the craft snowman!!! Perfect choice though...right!

After digging through my mother's paint collection, gathering her paintbrushes and drawing the design out in my head I dove right in!!! (Thank goodness for my mother's craft stash that is always available to these crafty sisters!!! Love ya mom!!!) 

Check out the end result!!!

She's super crafty!!! I bet she is gonna sign up for knitting 101!!!
So on to the gift idea of the day...

Paper star mobiles!!! These are absolutly beautiful!!! You gotta see them to believe them!!!

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