Saturday, November 7, 2009

Time flies...

when you are having fun! Therefore I apologize for not doing the gift idea of the day in a few days!!! We have been soooooooooooooo super busy opening the store and having a B.L.A.S.T.!!! So lets go on and show 2 yes 2 gift idea's to get caught up!!!

Gift Idea numero uno...

Yes! Those are a set of 4 count em 4 beatles cufflinks!!! A must have for the Beatles fan in your life. Sure a suit says...It's business time...but throw these babies on and you're on a whole new level!!! Great gift idea for the groom and prom...or anyone who rocks out a suit!!! Plus they are super cool to look at!!! These are flying off the shelves so if you are better skidoodle on in to Dreaming Tree Studio and get your set because they won't last long...they just wont! Im not gonna lie!!!

We also have a nice collections of other cufflinks, money clips, and tie bars, with I dunno...
Rolling Stones
Pin Up Girls
Star Wars
more Beatles
ect. ect....I think you get the picture!!!

Gift Idea #2!!!

Swirly Hats!!!
I mean come on...have you EVER I mean EVER seen these anywhere before??? Want the little one in your life to look super cute this winter??? Plop a swirly hat on them and MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! My little boy rocks one on a daily basis!!! These are also selling fast...I know you want one!!! Come on in and pick out your swirly hat today!!!

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