Saturday, November 7, 2009

deck the halls...

with awesome handmade stuff!!! The 3rd day of our Downtown Holiday Open House was AWESOME (in my high pitch singing voice!!!) It was as if the handmade train had made its rounds and picked up every cool customer around and unloaded them at our door!!! We were flooded today...and it rocked! Pretty sure cheesy high fives were exchanged several times between me and my sister!!! WE HAVE DONE IT...we love our store...we love our customers...WE JUST LOVE IT ALL!!! The dreaming big hasn't stopped either...we are bubbling over with so many ideas of what the future holds for Dreaming Tree Studio and heck...for our whole town...who know maybe the whole world!!! haha there is no stopping these two crafty sisters!!!

Downtown Winchester offered it all today!!! We had Christmas Carolers, Horse Drawn Carriages, and great food and fun!!!

We had two in house artists today at our store to share their work!!! Becky, our fabulous aunt from Georgetown, Ky was available for personalization of her BEAUTIFUL handpainted ornaments!!! We love her!!!


Sarabee come in today as promised to demonstrate yarn spinning!!! She had so many interested people stop by and chat with her!!! We had such a great turn out that we are going to add a spinning class to our classes in addition to Knitting 101!!! So awesome!!! We love Sara so much...and love dreaming big with her!!! We are currently signing up people for the Knitting 101 class that will start in January!!!

Now on to the gift idea of the day!!!

Finger Puppets!!! Great stocking stuffers and gifts for little ones!!! These are flying off the shelves!!! Come get yours soon!!!


  1. Congratulations on your store! I wish I lived close enough to visit it (especially because I want to finally learn knitting!).

  2. Girls, I am so happy for y'all! How amazing!

    I LOVE those ornaments, omg sooo cute!

  3. Your store looks fantastic! I too wish I lived close enough for an in person visit!