Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ah sweet Rod Stewart...

is a normal reaction as people walk through the doors of Dreaming Tree Studio lately!!! Makes me giggle a little...ok a lot!!! So funny how people have such strong memories of musicians and what they mean to them!!! I mean... I know the way it makes me feel every time I hear Blame it on the Rain by Millie Vanilli...Bahahaha...yup takes me back to the days my sister totally rocked out to them! I looked up to her so much I borrowed the cassete tape to play in my little bright red My First Sony!!! Oh yes I did...don't doubt it!!!! Hahaha oh geez...well lets move on the the gift idea of the day...

Awesome recycled items from Retired Records

Soap Dish!


Cuff Bracelets!

Cookbook Easels!

and much much more!!!

Oh...and we still have the record bowl made out of that Rod Stewart Record!!!

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