Friday, October 30, 2009

A Handmade Birthday!!!

I know how special it makes me feel to recieve a handmade gift...feels kinda like they are giving me a tiny little piece of them ya know! So when it was getting close to my littlest niece's birthday I started thinking about what I wanted to make her. Now I'll be the first to say that I can't exactly "nail" down one craft or skill that I "do"...I like lots of things and have dabbled in so much. I paint, take pictures, scrapbook, draw, doodle, write...and lots more...

Last year for my birthday I asked for a sewing machine...I wanted to learn how to sew and make BEAUTIFUL things!!! I had big dreams! Of course I was about 7 months pregnant at that time and envisioned myself sewing up lots of things for my baby! That would have been nice but I never cracked the box open... :O( Not even once! Horrible I know!!! I think I was just intimidated by it...I knew if I opened it then I would have to try it. At least if it wasn't open then there was still a chance...some potential!!! Anyway...that sewing maching didn't get opened until we opened Dreaming Tree Studio!!! That machine serves now as our studio sewing machine...there for us when the craft bug bites and we need to make something! It's come in very handy!!!

So once the box was opened what happened??? Of course I didn't touch the thing....but my sister, who is a FABULOUS seamstress took right to it and before I knew they had a great relationship going! Sure I would help with projects...we joked that I would cut and pin and she would sew!!! But a part of me wanted in on that sewing part!

So for Hayden's 2nd Birthday I made a pledge...I was going to sew her SOMETHING!!! I didn't know what but I was going to conquer that machine and make something! So I browsed the web and went to a site my sister always talks about. I bought and downloaded millie monkey and off to Hancock Fabric I went!

I picked out really cute fabric...enough to make oh probably 10 monkies! (big dreams again!) Got home, cut out the pieces, pinned them and started on that machine!!! Now I did remember how to generally operate a sewing machine from the times my mother and sister had assited me, and I did take a class in middle school where we made a simple bag...but it still felt unfamiliar! So anyway...I just dove right in...petal to the metal!!! Needless to say...I hit a few "bumps" along the way...and felt like quiting a few times..BUT I finally finished her! And she was ready to be given to Hayden in time for her birthday party!!! Sure she wasn't perfect...not even close...but MAN I put a lot of work into her.

Sure it took a lot more time to make this little monkey than going to the toy section of the store and picking out something but it was worth it. Do I have all the time in the world to make dolls??? No, absolutly not...but with a little planning I was able to do it by devoting 30 or so minutes a day to the project.

So as for me and the sewing machine...I would say our relationship is growing ;O)

P.S. the pic of Millie IS NOT my finished product!!! Thats a pic of what she SHOULD look like!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Have a Happy "Handmade" Birthday!!!

Today is a special day...It's the 2nd birthday of one of our best creations! She took 9 whole months to make and now she is 2 years old!!! Happy Birthday Hayden Leigh!!!

We are throwing a Yo Gabba Gabba party for this little sweety tonight!!!
We had Ya Gabba Gabba Cupcakes!!! They totally started a party in our tummies!!! You can print these cute cupcake toppers off here!

Check out the handmade character shirts DeAndra whipped up for the kids!!!

Super cute right?! Yeah we know!!!
Happy Birthday Hayden!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hello! Nice to meet you...

Today was HUGE for the Dreaming Tree Studio! We moved in 5 artisan's handmade creations!!! It was so awesome meeting these awesome ladies and finally getting to see their work in person for the first time! We can't even begin to explain how exciting this is...we have been dreaming about what its goin to be like for a while now...but this is even better! We get to meet awesome people and see awesome stuff ...its just all over a good deal! I can see HUGE things happening for us and our artisans at the Dreaming Tree Studio. I guess it just goes to prove...when you dream big...big things happen!

Our first artisan today was Heather, a UK student out of Lexington! She brought in beautiful paintings, glass tile mosaics, cool silhouettes and beautiful inkings! She is so talented and awesome!

Next came our fabulous aunt Becky from Georgetown! Another example of how handmade runs in the fam! She brought in beautiful handpainted glass ornaments as well as wash clothes and mop tops!

Our third artisan was Tara from Garden Girl Creations. She bring beautiful hand painted scrabble tile pendants! Each one is so detailed and beautiful! 

Then came Ainsley! A super cool chick from Lexington who brough in fabulous belts, handmade journals, and so cute cards that she hand paints!

Our last artisan for the day was Shana from Sew Southern! She brings cute fabric hair clips and magnets!

We can't wait to meet the rest of our artisans this week!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Moving day...

for Sarabee Designs!!! We were so thrilled to welcome Sarabee and her FABULOUS hand painted and spun yarns, wearables, and notions! I fell in LOVE with her awesome fingerless scarves and hand painted drop spindles. Now...I'm not much of a knitter...well I've never tried it at all...but Sarabee makes me want to! I'm seeing a colorful and bright future for Sarabee and Dreaming Tree Studio!

We are hoping Sarabee will be making an appearance one night of our Christmas Open House to demonstrate how to spin thread!!!

At the end of the day...I learned one thing. Sarabee rocks! Check her out at ...

and Fan her on facebook!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

burning the midnight oil...

that's what we did last night for sure! After the kiddos where alseep and all was quite we snuck out of our homes to go work on the Dreaming Tree Studio! I'm not gonna's not been easy juggling family and "work" but we have definitely made it work...project runway style! I say "work" because I really wouldn't consider this work's unlike any other "work" or "J.O.B." I've ever had. A far cry from my teaching days, that's for sure. and I'm sure it's tons different than my sister's office job. It's amazing what life throws your way. I would have never dreamed when my sister and I were younger of us owning a store! But I'm so glad it's happening...we are very lucky! Lots of people have said how this is their dream and we feel the same we are living a dream!

So anyway...interesting what Main St. Winchester is like in the late hours of the night...lots of interesting stuff going on. It's a place I never paid much mind to growing up around here but a lot goes on there. The Opera House Gallery was having a fashion show with their Recycled Wearables Show. It looked so cool...and if hadn't been dressed in sweats and covered in paint I would have totally checked it out. I can't wait to be more involved with the downtown scene...and hopefully the downtown scene can't wait to get involved with Dreaming Tree Studio!

We got A LOT done in those wee hours. Our cash register came in and we set that up. I painted kite tails on the walls to go with my vintage fabric kites I made! I also painted "Long before these crowded streets, here stood my dreaming tree..." around the door frame!!! *ahh Dave* Anyway...lots planned for this next week...totally swamped with consigner inventory coming in daily...oh yeah, and the Trick or Treat Mania is totally happening next Saturday!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

2 more weeks...!!!

Time is flying by...only two more weeks until our grand opening!!! Hard to believe an idea we had a little over a month ago is getting ready to actually be reality! Our little shop is gaining so much personality everyday and its awesome to watch it grow into its own handmade little person! We keep getting new stuff in daily and signing up consigners all the time. Next week is packed with appointments for locals to come and drop off their awesome handmade items! Winchester better be ready for the revolution...the handmade revolution!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

when it rains...

it pours...and thats a good thing when we are talking about getting awesome handmade items in!!! We were soooooooooo thrilled to recieve this ...

. and this... and this...

We have been working hard at getting consigners scheduled to get their awesome stuff in our store! So far we have around 30 crafters and artists consigning at our funky lil shop!!!

I worked on the kites for the shop today and we got our sign!!! We plan on putting that up on the window tomorrow!!! (cross your fingers) I'll post pics when we get that up!

A big thanks to Scott at Hammerhead Signs for getting it ready for us!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Brrr...its cold out there!

It's officially winter in Winchester, Ky...not really but man its cold! We found that out the hard way running back and forth to our car today while out thrift store shopping. We found some cool decor for the shop and some awesome vintage fabric! I'm making kites out of that to hang from the coming soon! Its amazing what you can find at your local goodwill...if we had a truck...we would have left with a whole bunch more!

We are signing up consigners left and right from right here in Central KY!!! So awesome!!! These are a few of the things we are getting in our store! We can't wait to showcase all the local talent! At about 2 and a half weeks away from our grand opening we are starting to get sooooooooooooooo excited!

Oh yeah look what came in the mail today!!! So awesome...

We got several of the Yo Gabba Gabba set and tons more including a UK set!!! These are so fun and would be great stocking stuffers!!!

And we are waiting on these to come in...

It's like Christmas everyday at the Dreaming Tree Studio!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's a wrap!

Never thought we would be saying this BUT we just shot our first commercial! Yeah, thats right a t.v. commercial! Our cute little shop that features only fresh handmade stuff is going to be seen by thousands on WKYT 27! Can you believe it??? Hard to, I know! We are so excited to share our awesome handmade selection with our local t.v. viewers! So keep a lookout between Nov. 1-4...who knows, you might catch it during your fav show!!!

We don't want to get the big head or anything but...take a peek at our awesome displays! Big thanks to our parents for creating our super awesome tree display (they rock at handmade as well...guess thats where we get it!)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Dreaming Tree Studio was super excited to welcome our second in house artist into our studio!!! Emily Hampton of Phit2bTyed dropped by today with awesome creations in tote! She brings so much to the store and we can't wait to watch her items fly off the shelf! Check her out at and We love her...and we know you will too!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

things we dig...

We love lots of things...but here is what we are diggin' on lately!

Decorative pillows by joom!

Super cute plush elephants by Ella Bellamay!

Awesome neck warmers by Charis Grace!

and these super fresh purses by Bags by Colette!

All of these handmade must have will be available at our funky little shop! Check us out the first weekend in November!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mail Time!!!

We love our mail lady...she brings us cool stuff! Check out what just arrived fresh off the handmade line...

Aprons and matching Pot Holders from My Silly Monkey and Me!!!

An assortment of journals from Journal Junky...

And awesome handpainted lightbulb ornaments by Eve's Julia!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

another busy day...

Today was big for the Dreaming Tree Studio! We spoke with our sign guy and should have that up on the windows shortly.
We started getting in our inventory!!! We picked out our paint color for the inside!! Oh and we scheduled our first commercial!!!
Sarabee, one of our in house artists, came by for a chat! We love her and the awesome yarns and fibers she spins! Check out her blog at
Holy cow...its starting to really feel real!!! That's what happens when you dream big!!! Come dream with us!
check out more of sarabee at

Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Wesbite!

Its official! We not only have a home on Main St. in Winchester...the web has also allowed us to call it home! Check out our new website at

Find out all the latest on our little shop there!

Logo Madness!!!

We are soooooooooooooooo super excited to reveal our AWESOME logo!!! Check it out!!!

Add Image

Pretty awesome...right??? We think so! A big thank you to Sandra Busta at for creating our logo!!!

Dreaming Big...

Wow...these last few weeks have been a whirlwind! We just got the keys to our new place 7 days ago and have gotten SOOOO much accomplished! We have found so many awesome artists and crafters and are so excited to be carrying their works of love!

We are still searching high and low for local artists and crafters to consign their fresh handmade stuff at our store.

If you make what you love and want to make money at us at to learn how to get your items into our funky little shop!