Friday, October 30, 2009

A Handmade Birthday!!!

I know how special it makes me feel to recieve a handmade gift...feels kinda like they are giving me a tiny little piece of them ya know! So when it was getting close to my littlest niece's birthday I started thinking about what I wanted to make her. Now I'll be the first to say that I can't exactly "nail" down one craft or skill that I "do"...I like lots of things and have dabbled in so much. I paint, take pictures, scrapbook, draw, doodle, write...and lots more...

Last year for my birthday I asked for a sewing machine...I wanted to learn how to sew and make BEAUTIFUL things!!! I had big dreams! Of course I was about 7 months pregnant at that time and envisioned myself sewing up lots of things for my baby! That would have been nice but I never cracked the box open... :O( Not even once! Horrible I know!!! I think I was just intimidated by it...I knew if I opened it then I would have to try it. At least if it wasn't open then there was still a chance...some potential!!! Anyway...that sewing maching didn't get opened until we opened Dreaming Tree Studio!!! That machine serves now as our studio sewing machine...there for us when the craft bug bites and we need to make something! It's come in very handy!!!

So once the box was opened what happened??? Of course I didn't touch the thing....but my sister, who is a FABULOUS seamstress took right to it and before I knew they had a great relationship going! Sure I would help with projects...we joked that I would cut and pin and she would sew!!! But a part of me wanted in on that sewing part!

So for Hayden's 2nd Birthday I made a pledge...I was going to sew her SOMETHING!!! I didn't know what but I was going to conquer that machine and make something! So I browsed the web and went to a site my sister always talks about. I bought and downloaded millie monkey and off to Hancock Fabric I went!

I picked out really cute fabric...enough to make oh probably 10 monkies! (big dreams again!) Got home, cut out the pieces, pinned them and started on that machine!!! Now I did remember how to generally operate a sewing machine from the times my mother and sister had assited me, and I did take a class in middle school where we made a simple bag...but it still felt unfamiliar! So anyway...I just dove right in...petal to the metal!!! Needless to say...I hit a few "bumps" along the way...and felt like quiting a few times..BUT I finally finished her! And she was ready to be given to Hayden in time for her birthday party!!! Sure she wasn't perfect...not even close...but MAN I put a lot of work into her.

Sure it took a lot more time to make this little monkey than going to the toy section of the store and picking out something but it was worth it. Do I have all the time in the world to make dolls??? No, absolutly not...but with a little planning I was able to do it by devoting 30 or so minutes a day to the project.

So as for me and the sewing machine...I would say our relationship is growing ;O)

P.S. the pic of Millie IS NOT my finished product!!! Thats a pic of what she SHOULD look like!!!


  1. I have a similar story with my sewing machine. I bought it like two years ago. It wasn't until recently that I decided to take it out of the closet and learn how to sew. I'm just loving it now! I love dolls! Thank you for sharing that site.

  2. Too funny! Im glad you have found a love for it!