Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hello! Nice to meet you...

Today was HUGE for the Dreaming Tree Studio! We moved in 5 artisan's handmade creations!!! It was so awesome meeting these awesome ladies and finally getting to see their work in person for the first time! We can't even begin to explain how exciting this is...we have been dreaming about what its goin to be like for a while now...but this is even better! We get to meet awesome people and see awesome stuff ...its just all over a good deal! I can see HUGE things happening for us and our artisans at the Dreaming Tree Studio. I guess it just goes to prove...when you dream big...big things happen!

Our first artisan today was Heather, a UK student out of Lexington! She brought in beautiful paintings, glass tile mosaics, cool silhouettes and beautiful inkings! She is so talented and awesome!

Next came our fabulous aunt Becky from Georgetown! Another example of how handmade runs in the fam! She brought in beautiful handpainted glass ornaments as well as wash clothes and mop tops!

Our third artisan was Tara from Garden Girl Creations. She bring beautiful hand painted scrabble tile pendants! Each one is so detailed and beautiful! 

Then came Ainsley! A super cool chick from Lexington who brough in fabulous belts, handmade journals, and so cute cards that she hand paints!

Our last artisan for the day was Shana from Sew Southern! She brings cute fabric hair clips and magnets!

We can't wait to meet the rest of our artisans this week!

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