Friday, November 6, 2009

Let the Handmade Revolution begin...

Wow...what a day!!! Our Grand Opening was AWESOME to say the very least!!! We had a great turn out and a very warm welcome from the local business owners of downtown!!!

The Winchester Opera House came down to welcome us and gave us this beautiful cake!!!

Absolutly amazing right?!!!! We were sooooooooooo thrilled!!! What a great house warming present!!! Justin did an amazing job!!! Can't wait to see more of his work!!!Winchester is gonna eat his designs up...lliterally!!! bahaha!!!

We had a steady stream of visitors all day long and we had a lot of fun!!! It was so exciting to share all of our great hanmade items with our hometown!!! Tonight promises to be even more busy!!! We are so excited!!!The handmade revolution has begun...come take part!!! Shop handmade...Dreaming Tree Studio!!!

Sarabee dropped in to give us flowers!!! We love her!!!

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