Saturday, December 26, 2009

turn out the lights...

the party's over...they say all things, come to an end.

Dreaming Tree Studio grew into a reality when two sisters had a dream. A dream to bring the love of handmade to our hometown...A dream to help other creative people like ourselves get their things seen and sold! We loved the idea...I mean who wouldn't!

Our dream came a reality on Nov. 5th 2009 when we opened for business and recieved such a warm welcome from the community. We are SO thankful for the support we have recieved from our customers, fans and fellow downtown business owners. Over the span of 2 months we have gained well over 450 fans on facebook, developed a strong following on our blog and met tons of new people and friends through our brick and mortor shop. It has been AMAZING...

The holiday shopping season was was SO amazing to see so many people choose handmade for their gift giving...made our hearts feel a little bigger...a little warmer. It was so nice to be able to play a role in so many people's Christmas that way!

Personaly, (meaning me, Desiree!) my goal since I had my baby boy was to find a way to help other mothers like myself fill that creative space they had in their heart...that space that yearned for an outlet...a way to do something just for them that they enjoyed. You know exactly what I mean! I wanted to encourage people to dream reach for the follow their dreams. I hope that I have achieved that goal through this...

With all this being said it is with a gigantic ball of every emotion that we say "farewell" to our dear friends. The ride has been sweet...but after re-evaluating our priorities and what we can really take on in addition to our full time mommy jobs we have decided to close the doors to our beloved Dreaming Tree Studio. After speaking with our dear friend Sarabeth, she reminded me that we go through seasons in our lives. This was not the season for Dreaming Tree Studio to flourish to its full potential...but we will NEVER stop dreaming big...we promise. And who knows...maybe one day...when the season is right...the Dreaming Tree Studio will bloom again...

We love you all...and we LOVE HANDMADE!!! Keep the revolution strong...take the handmade pledge...and as ALWAYS SHOP LOCAL!!!


Desiree & DeAndra

P.S. keep an eye out for our dear friends at Dreaming Tree Studio who are dreaming big with their crafts!!! The future is bright for all of them!!!!

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  1. i'm so sorry to hear that you are closing... what trying times the last couple of years have been! i totally understand that mommy-dom is a full-time job, especially the first few years, but like you said, perhaps this is just sometime off to focus on the other incredibly important things in your life. as a mommy, i totally appreciate that 8)

    can you please let me know that you will be sending the items i mailed to you back to me (Flaming Bling)? i never received word that you received them, and i sent them insured, so i just want to make sure that everything arrived OK on your end (before it gets sent back, lol!).

    since goodbyes are so final, i will only say "see you later", for i believe that this wonderful store and online presence that you have created will continue once more 8) the time that you have now is for your precious ones. what we create, whether it be craftwork or children, they are all our babies. you did us all proud to keep our handmade vision alive, and i know we will continue on similar paths, for the sake of our ethics, our priorities, and our kids 8) *hug*