Tuesday, December 1, 2009

No pictures please...

anytime now the handmade paparazzi will be showing up at our door...I just know it! With all these handmade celebs coming and going through the doors of Dreaming Tree Studio!!!

Like our ultra cool co-owner, crafter, jewelry stampin queen, DeAndra!!! She totally ROCKED the front page of etsy and didn't even know it...thats how cool she is! But thanks to our FAB sarabee for letting us in on this AWESOME flickr page that keeps track of etsy's front pages we found out that Pink Checkers Designs was featured!!! Yup her awesome golfball marker made it!!! We knew it was acting a little cocky after that day but just thought it was having a bad day...come to find out...IT WAS FAMOUS!!! And we didn't even know...not sure how we missed out on that though since I am an etsy.com NUT and am on there...oh...like my whole LIFE!!! We are SUPER pumped that we found out though!!! Thats huge for an artists ya know...H.U.G.E....but like I always say...Thats what you get for Dreaming Big!!! Right D!!! So proud...so happy...so inspired!!! Ok so check out the page!!!

Thats it right there in the second row at the end!!! YAY!!!

Here are som more pics of her AWESOME hand stamped silver jewelry...go ahead...start making your wishlist!!!

plus L-O-T-S more...and don't forget EVERYTHING is custome so just ask yourself...What do I have to say!!! Place orders online through http://www.pinkcheckersdesign.etsy.com/ or locally at Dreaming Tree Studio 72 South Main St. Winchestser, Ky!

See you soon ;O)

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